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Computer-Aided Training Supported by PENGUEN GIDA

Penguen Gıda San. A.Ş. has also having a role in the “Support for Computerized Training” campaign launched by the Ministry of National Education and TÜBİSAD (Turkish Informatics Industry Association). Penguen Gıda had made its website as a portal of contact with suppliers and consumers through web-based technologies and consumer-oriented marketing tools. As a result of the campaign “the Sweetest Training is Training with Penguen” had been initiated through the website of Penguen Gıda, “the 21-computers informatics classroom” was launced in the primary school at the village of Koşuboğazı in the district of Mustafakemalpaşa.

Turhan Gençoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Penguen Gıda San. A.Ş., stated in the ceremony on behalf of Penguen Gıda: “In a time when technology advances in the whole world with a dazzling rate and computers have penetrated every field of business life even getting become a significant part of daily lives of people, we took action aimed at educating young people capable of using these machines. You will also confirm that obtaining requirements of the life facilities for people and having a strong, powerful and prestigious structure for nations today depending on the adaptation of the global developments. And the way for fulfillment goes through the education”
He contiouned to cite by indicating his satisfaction to provide children significant opportunity of experiencing the information age at the village of Koşuboğazı and also noted that their supports for education will continue.

Two Schools Established by Our Founders

Mümin Gençoğlu 1 Primary School

Mümin Gençoğlu 2 Primary School