Kavrulmus Ispanak 520


Spinach, Onion, Olive Oil, Salt.

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool dry place and protect from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 1 days.


Penguen Gıda collects the spinach from the field untouched by human hands and turns it into canned food in as little as 2 hours without using any preservatives or additives by means of the spinach harvester machine. Penguen Spinach Can, which is produced by collecting the freshest and best quality spinach, sorting carefully, washing as very clean and cooking well in olive oil with onions; is presented to the market in healthy 520 gram glass jars that are ready to eat. The spinach, which is indispensable for our tables, will be at your disposal every season from now on. You use whether with egg, whether with yogurt, whether with minced meat, whether in in patty and besides grilled meats as garniture if you wish. It is now in your skillful hands to create spinach varieties with its delicious taste that suits everything. It is also known that ready-made spinach, whose volume decreases considerably when cooked, is more economical … If you take into account the vegetables, oil, water spent for washing, stove burning for cooking, and time that you spent; you will see that Penguen Spinach Can is both very practical and very economical since it is produced by “extra-virgin olive oil” that is known as heart friendly from 2 kilos of fresh spinach.
Nutritional Elements
Energy (kJ ve kcal): 527/123
Fat: 11,5
Saturated Fat: 0,8
Carbonhydrate: 2,8
Sugar: 0
Fiber: 2,3
Protein: 1,9
Salt: 1,3