Misir 3al 2öde ortali


Sweet Corn, Water, Sugar, Salt.

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool dry place and protect from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 5 days.


Penguen Sweet Corn Can is produced from the sweet corn of which all grown in the territories of Turkey. Penguen Gıda, which is the first company started the mechanized farming in the canning industry in Turkey, collects the corn from the field untouched by human hands and turns it into canned food in as little as 2 hours without using any preservatives or additives by means of the corn harvester machine. Penguen Sweet Corn Can, which is especially indispensable for salads and garnishes, adds flavor to many dishes from soup to rice, pasta to pizza and sandwiches. Moreover, you can directly eat Penguen Sweet Corn Can by opening it as “Corn in Glass” being popular in the recent years; make it special with oil, lemon, salt, cheese and other seasonings according to your taste and bring this flavor to your home and office.

With its new Vacuum Pack, the water of Penguen Sweet Corn has been both reduced and both the taste of the corn was preserved and the number was increased. 100% local corns that are obtained from the fertile soils of Anatolia are now even tastier…

Nutritional Elements
Energy (kJ ve kcal): 344/82
Fat: 1,9
Saturated Fat: 0,8
Carbonhydrate: 10,9
Sugar: 5,3
Fiber: 4,2
Protein: 3,2
Salt: 0,2