Türlü Yeni

Product Code Product Description
500094 MIXED VEGETABLES 4*2,5kg


From the ranked fields and rich soils of Turkey, we harvest our best quality fruits and vegetables at the peak of their freshness and flash freze them before losing any nutrition values. Our fruits and vegetables are qualified as 1st Qulaity in World Standards. Save your time at Slicing and Dicing. Working with frozen fruits and veggies is much more practical; no stem, no peal, no pyrene.

Nutritional Elements
Energy (kj and kcal): 92/22
Fat: 0,4 gr.
Saturated Fat: 0,0 gr.
Carbonhydrate: 3,0 gr.
Diet Fiber: 1,4 gr.
Sugar 0,0 gr.
Protein: 0,9 gr.
Salt: 0,0 gr.